Our Story

Dog Guard of Eastern CT/RI, LLC is part of the Dog Guard® Network committed to giving your pets the freedom they deserve and pet owners the assurance their dog stays safely contained in their yard. Over a 1/2 million happy dogs later and counting, we are still committed to providing you with innovative solutions and advanced product features unique to Dog Guard®.

Eric Orkney

Eric Orkney is the owner of Dog Guard of Eastern CT/RI LLC. He has always been intrigued and had a real passion for animals; big cats especially. Even as a young child, his brother would call him, Zliontamer. Well, I guess that stuck as he started his journey working with big cats in 1999, as a student at Cat Tales, a zoological training & rescue center in Mead, WA; a program that focused on basic husbandry and training methods for exotic cats.

Eric’s first professional tiger training experience came shortly after graduation in February of 2000, when he was offered a job with the world-renown Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. As part of the Animal Supervisory Team, he was responsible for the handling and training of over thirty Carnivores, including several species of Leopards, White Tigers and White Lions for both the main exhibit (Secret Garden) during the day or loading animal illusions by night. After about two and half years, Eric wanted to concentrate more on the educational and conservation aspects of this field and helped start a new tiger program for Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in Aurora, OH. This new show featured the tigers’ natural behaviors such as, running, jumping, climbing, and swimming.

Eric and his rescue APBT,

Eric & Chandaka

In 2004, the park was sold and the program was relocated to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, where he met Lara Weber. With a promotion to Manager and head trainer, the addition of three more Bengal tigers, and five new trainers, SFGA opened the Temple of the Tiger in 2005. A real once in a life time interactive experience that couldn’t be seen anywhere else in the world. Team Tiger’s united efforts had earned them a place as one the company’s most popular shows in history. It also won three IAAPA awards for the “Best Edutainment Show” in the world.
With the closure of the program in 2010, Eric has since refocused his energy back to the roots of what inspired his career as animal trainer, dogs! Although it’s a bit different training a 600lb wild animal basic obedience than your average labrador retriever, the learning theory is the same.

After working with a friend, and top Dog Guard dealer for three years, Dog Guard of Eastern CT/RI was launched in the Spring of 2013. Dog Guard of Eastern CT & RI has quickly become one of the leading dog fence companies in the area. Dog Guard of Eastern CT & RI has also recently just one “Best Outdoor Dog Fencing” company for 2017 by The New London Day!

With Eric’s accomplished animal training and customer service background, and the addition of Lara Weber’s diversified skills and love for animals, they will hope outperform competitors and serve their clients with the utmost personable service, field expertise, and genuine care for your beloved pets!

Lara Weber

Like many people, Lara grew up loving animals. Lara has always had dogs of every age, size, and personality. She also loved training, playing, walking, swimming and caring for them.When she was 15, Lara first started caring for animals at a local veterinary hospital. After this, her dream came true when she was chosen for her first internship caring for marine mammals at the Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY. She would later go on to work for the aquarium as a marine mammal trainer of which she owes most of her knowledge of animal training to.

Lara received her Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology from the state university of New York at Oswego in 2008. Shortly after college, she was hired on by Six Flags Great Adventure & Wild Safari where she met Eric. Now, as an exotic animal trainer, she had the wonderful opportunity of training and caring for anything from monkeys, to lions, to dolphins, to bears and birds. Lara has now worked for several different aquariums and zoological facilities and she will always cherish those experiences.

Lara & Jester

Lara, Zeus, & Alex

With so many people having dogs, and with the awareness of rescue and adoption on the rise, she decided to move to CT and care for dogs full time. Lara’s experiences with all different species of animals gave her a wonderful diversified background that helps her to effectively train different dogs. She enjoys the freedom and training she is able to give the dogs and the happiness and content their owners feel.