“Ryan and I can’t thank Eric and his team at Dog Guard of ECT/RI enough. We were initially reticent to use an

electronic fence, unsure that it wasn’t harmful to Jackson in anyway. Jackson’s history of taking off and running for miles while we frantically searched for him made it difficult to enjoy having him outside with us, unless he was tied to a lead line.

Eric and his team were so compassionate with all of us. The installation was seamless and the training helped to relay any fears we had. The follow up was outstanding and they made sure we were comfortable and happy with the service. Its been the best investment we ever made. Its given the entire family, especially Jackson a new found freedom.”

Moira Deasy
Mystic, CT

It’s always playtime now with
Jackson the “J-man” Deasy

I was impressed with Dog Guard of ECT/RI from the first interaction to the last. My first interaction was a great one when I called on a Saturday night and the phone was answered-awesome I know!! Would you believe that they came the very next day to give me an estimate. Upon meeting Eric and Lara I was instantly impressed and felt like


I wanted to do business with them. I was also shocked at how quickly Emily took to both of them. I was not expecting that because she is normally apprehensive of strangers and very protective or her yard. Then came installation day-they were extremely flexible in working around my schedule and for the entire installation had smiles on their faces-even while they were being tailed by my 4 tear old for the duration-that takes patience for sure, she asks a lot of questions.

My next great experience was this-I made a mistake and asked for the wrong type of fence structure not fully understanding how two zones would work-once I realized it I told them and they fixed it. This does not sound like a lot but the installation is hard work and it caused them about an extra hour of installation because by the time I realized my mistake they were almost done with the installation so they adjusted it to suit my needs. They fixed it without a single complaint and with reassurance that it was not a problem at all and they wanted me to get exactly what I wanted for Emily. Next came training-they train your dog initially after the installation AND they come back several days later to ‘test’ her and make sure she is good with the fence. Eric also followed up with me several times before and after that to see how Emily was doing with her new fence.

I loved the price and I cannot speak highly enough about Eric and Lara and their hard work, dedication, customer service and love of animals. If you are looking for an invisible fence, don’t look anywhere else!

Rebecca Lemson
Westerly, RI

Dear Dog Guard Eastern CT/RI,

Our dogs, Lily and Boy, love their freedom and independence to roam the yard.
And being very bright doggies – they were fast learners thanks to your excellent training and responsiveness to their needs and abilities. I can’t thank you enough – we love the wonderful sense of relief knowing the dogs will not cross the street, enter a neighbor’s yard, or chase after other dogs being taken for a walk. Your work and dog guard fencing has been a great value and well worth it!

Lastly, I was especially pleased with your installation procedures. I was a bit worried about the new brick sidewalk that had to be removed and the recently paved driveway that had to be cut, but your expertise, attention to detail, and techniques were perfect. I am so glad I trusted your advice and skills – the installation was completed wonderfully. I could not even see where you had installed the wire! Thank you again for your excellent service: product, training, follow-up and caring. I would recommend Dog Guard of Eastern CT/RI to anyone!

Anne Townsend
Groton, CT

Lily catching an enjoyable spring breeze!

Both my husband and I were very skeptical about getting an electronic fence for our dogs. One reason is we have a lot of land, and we also didn’t think it would contain Cocoa and Mocha in our yard. (Cocoa is a shepard mix, Mocha is a pit lab mix.) Now I am here to tell you it’s the best thing we have ever done for them!!!!

Eric and Lara are both so good with dogs and they did wonderful training with us as well. The dogs have a huge area to run around and can go outside now and be safe. I don’t have to worry about them running off deep into the woods.

I was very happy with the price that Eric gave me. I got a quote from a competitor prior to Dog Guard and it was almost 3x as much! That company also refused to go into the woods because of the amount of rock/ledge and quoted only for the grassline perimeter.

I am telling you if you have a dog, give them a call. Love you Eric & Lara! THANK YOU from Cocoa and Mocha.

Sharon Kanoby
Salem, CT

“When I adopted my new dog Roxy I wanted to give her the happiest life possible. Especially, since it was pretty clear

she wasn’t cared for very well before coming to my home. Although very sweet with most people, she is a little shy and timid towards men. I was a little apprehensive about Eric even meeting Roxy during the consultation, let alone possibly training her. As suspected, she tried to avoid him initially and ran back to me. Eric immediately asked if he could take her outside for a walk. I was like, ssssure. He picked up her slip lead, remarkably was able to call her over to the door and draped it over her head. She payed very little attention to him as he started walking her around the yard and giving her basic obedience commands! I was shocked. I knew then that I wasn’t going to be looking for anyone else to work with my Roxy.

After the installation, training went very smoothly. Even for a stubborn Rottweiler, she was already avoiding the boundary flags after about 15 minutes! She has a ton of energy and loves to chase everything; people on bikes, skateboards, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, you name it! Eric came back several times to train Roxy even with some stuffed animal on a bamboo stick he was parading around. She still wouldn’t go near the yellow flags.

Dog Guard of Eastern CT/RI ended up being the perfect solution for us. Eric was there to take my phone calls for any questions and he even gave me free training tips to help Roxy adjust to her new life and new family!”

Becca Gedney
Durham, CT

Roxy, you so Foxy

“I would like to express my gratitude to Eric for such caring professional service. I was very skeptical at first, unsure if the underground fencing would “contain” my squirrel chasing, high energy dogs!

Ben chillaxin’ in the shade

To my pleasant surprise and Eric’s calm knowledgeable demeanor, all my fears were eliminated.

I live near a busy road and as any pet owner who adores their animals can understand the fear of keeping their dogs safe !!! I now have complete confidence and will never use any other fencing system other than Dog Guard…. as an added bonus the training that was provided was priceless!“

Kelly Lynch

Hi Eric, just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I just played fetch with Jack in the back yard for the first time ever and it was amazing!

The investment was totally worth it and I can’t thank you guys enough. You were so nice and professional, had great customer service, and I could really tell you genuinely care for my dog.

I will be recommending you to everyone and thanks again!

P.S. Sorry about the poison ivy ; )

Kelly Pattie
Putnam, CT


For national testimonials about Dog Guard® please click here. Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.