Dog Guard Corp.

About Dog Guard®

Dog Guard® is owned and manufactured by Sunward Electronics, Inc. in Troy, New York.

Dog Guard® “fence company” has recruited and trained a cadre of dealers that are located in large, medium and small markets throughout the United States. Our dealers are trained professionals that understand yard fencing, your needs and how important it is to have a happy and contained pet.

Sunward is a medium-sized company that markets Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight® Fencing products to a dealer force that sells, installs and services pet fencing. Check back often to find out what is new at Dog Guard®.

Dog Guard® Dealers

Dog Guard® fencing enjoys a number of technological advantages with underground dog fences, but the Dog Guard® dealers are the REAL difference in your underground dog fence experience!

All Dog Guard® dealers are trained in the correct installation and usage of underground dog fences in order to provide only the safest level of service to you and your pet.

All Dog Guard®  dealers undergo specific training in pet behavior and training, so they know exactly how to work with your beloved pets in order to insure the desired level of results.

Each Dog Guard® dealer lives and works in or near the communities serviced. Your Dog Guard® dealer depends on the quality of the Dog Guard® underground dog fence and will provide exceptional service before and after the sale.

At Dog Guard®, we believe very passionately that our commitment to quality and service is the most important part of your underground dog fencing experience. Your local Dog Guard® dealer is concerned about the care and well-being of your pet, and will do everything s/he can to help your pet enjoy the benefits of running free in a contained area. Your underground dog fence will allow your pet to run without being restrained by traditional fencing.

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